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Troika Staff Govern Greece by E-Mail

Who governs this land?” This historic quotation is attributed to former prime minister Konstantinos Karamanlis, who is rumored to have uttered this to his close confidant, the director of Greece’s secret service (KYP) Alexandros Natsinas, once he found out about the assassination of the left-wing member of parliament Grigoris Lambrakis in 1963, hinting at the possible existence of a parastate outside of his control.
We spontaneously posed this same question as well, when our magazine received an envelope which contained printouts of dozens of e-mails, which apparently have been exchanged between members of the troika, the Greek state, and the prime minister’s office. In these e-mails, whose authenticity was confirmed by virtue of the very events—and people—which they described, definitively prove, in a political context, what is already considered fact by Greek society: that Greece is governed by diktats issued by the troika, who bypass the democratically-elected government and impose decisions which are not only harmful for Greece, but which eliminate any semblance of Greece’s functional sovereignty. The legitimacy of these e-mails was also silently confirmed by the central figure named in these messages, both as a sender and as a recipient, as he has never responded to inquiries that we have submitted…

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